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Plant Based
with PurposeTM


Getting your daily nutrition doesn’t have to come at a cost to others. We can look beyond ourselves.

There’s a more responsible way forward.

We believe the path to performance is paved with plants.

We empower the individual to meet their unique goals - on their own terms.

We are impact-driven. Personal performance is just the beginning.

We aim to inspire a movement that encourages health beyond appearance and wellbeing beyond their own being.

It’s just the way good nutrition ought to be.

wellness of others



Bansang Hospital was built in 1938 and stands deep in the African bush, 200 miles from the coast. It is the main referral hospital for the Central and Upper River Region of The Gambia and is responsible for the healthcare needs of 600,000 people including those trekking from countries such as Senegal and Guinea – Bissau.


The hospital is seriously struggling, dirty, unsafe, overcrowded and deemed a 'hospital without hope.' Anita Smith visits and is so shocked at the conditions she feels she had no choice but to act.


A new Obstetric Theatre was funded and built in an area of the hospital that had originally served as a dilapidated office for nursing staff. This greatly reduced complications and deaths during child birth, previously a major issue in Bansang.


A new Obstetric Theatre was funded and built in an area of the hospital that had originally served as a dilapidated office for nursing staff. This greatly reduced complications and deaths during child birth, previously a major issue in Bansang.


A vegetable garden, sustainable kitchen and new staff accommodation is built and a living wage is introduced for staff. This raises an orderlies wage from £18 to £40 a month. This is achieved with help from both the government and Bansang Hospital Appeal, greatly improving living conditions for many staff.


Form launches and creates the Form Feeding Fund to help provide food to patients and those that accompany them to the hospital. Previously many patients would abscond before medically discharged if they had no money for food. The success of the fund means that now support extends not only to food but also pharmaceuticals and transport for patients.


Bansang Hospital is awarded Best Patient Care in the country, by both the Government and Ministry of Health and held up as a model of healthcare delivery in Africa.


We started with a simple belief...

…that you can realise the greatest version of yourself while being mindful of others.

This permeates everything we do.

We crafted plant-based proteins for your body and responsibly-sourced nootropics for your brain. Backed by science, our products are designed with your optimal performance in mind.

We believe business should be a force for good – meaning we’re good for you and good for others too.

Read more about why we became a B Corporation

Our values

Empowering the Individual Performance is yours to define. We're all on a path to our potential. Whatever your goals, there’s room for everyone at our table.

Flourishing Ethically We use trusted research and sustainable practices to naturally support your wellbeing. How we choose to nourish ourselves impacts others.

For People and Planet We believe human health depends on the health of our planet and that together we can impact society in a way that’s bigger than our products alone.

Unbound by Convention We are quick thinkers who don't rush. Our success lies in doing the unexpected, taking our time and not compromising.

Our team

A team is not a group of people who work together,
a team is a group of people who trust each other

Form - Damian Soong

Damian Soong

Co-Founder, CEO.

Damian is an experienced MBA-educated entrepreneur who has started, run and raised funding for businesses driven by social purpose. These have included sectors from clean water to product design, all with an objective of bringing a social conscience to a self-obsessed industry. Men's Health has named Damian a Nutrition Maverick and Protein Pioneer. He goes to the gym a lot, and you'll find him on a Peloton bike when nothing hurts

Form - Natalia Bojanic

Natalia Bojanic

Co-Founder, Brand Director.

After 10 years as a PR Director working in the luxury industry, Natalia left the corporate world to pursue her passion for human development. She is a qualified meditation teacher with wide-ranging training, from Nepalese monasteries to certification as a Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Teacher – a programme born at Google and developed by thought leaders in Neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Pete O’Donoghue

Co-Founder, Head of Operations.

Peter worked on product and pre-launch strategy for another successful UK nutrition brand before dedicating his energies to Form. He has worked as a business consultant and coach in Europe and is the co-founder of a social enterprise working with young people in London schools. Peter is fluent in Italian, went through Royal Marines Commando training and recently completed his first Ironman distance triathlon.

Form - Dr Adam Collins

Dr. Adam Collins

Head of Nutrition

A qualified nutritionist for 20 years, Dr. Collins holds an MSc in Nutrition & Metabolism and a PhD focusing on energy expenditure and body composition. He is Director of MSc and BSc Nutrition at the University of Surrey. His research interests lie in exercise nutrition, body composition and energy metabolism and current research includes exercise intensity, intermittent fasting and timing of food around exercise.

Bryan Bumgardner

Head of Growth

Bryan has spent his career helping brands achieve data-driven growth with a healthy dose of humour. Responsible for growth both sides of the pond, at Form he unites his passions for sustainable business strategies and data science. Outside the office, Bryan is usually found in music venues, gyms and tattoo shops across Brooklyn. He claims to be a whole food vegan but is more accurately a junk-food vegan.

Form - Vanessa Rohmig

Vanessa Rohmig

Customer Experience

Our resident customer service advisor - Vanessa is a certified naturopathic nutritionist having studied at CNM - College of Naturopathic Medicine. A qualified yoga teacher and self-proclaimed health and wellness enthusiast, you can often find her reading books on a wide range of topics from human design to psychology.

Form - Richard Jones

Richard Jones

Content and Community Editor

A former commissioning editor at men’s lifestyle site FashionBeans, and lifestyle writer at The Telegraph, Richard takes pride in his ability to craft engaging reads on pretty much any topic imaginable. World War One planes and miniature succulents? Sustainable fashion and the 16:8 diet? Pug cafes and mindful triathlons? He's been there, done that.

Marlene Rohde

Ecommerce Manager

With experience across nutrition, fashion and luxury Marlene has been responsible for all things digital. Originally falling into digital marketing by accident she went on to study at the IDM and found her slightly obsessive mind is useful when digging into data & reports. Passionate about yoga she completed her yoga teacher training in 2019. A Berliner by birth but Londoner by choice, she loves that both cities are beautifully individualist & open-minded. Marlene loves a good podcast (especially while running) & enjoy cooking.

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